About Us

Genesis Park provides flexible, one-stop debt and equity capital solutions for lower middle market companies
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About Us

Beyond providing capital to our portfolio companies, we take a partnership approach and work alongside management teams, providing our experience, time, and guidance to help them achieve or exceed their goals. The way we partner with businesses is unique to each situation. In some instances, we are an active, hands-on participant assisting with strategy, product development, geographical expansion and the implementation of new systems and processes. In other cases, our involvement is more limited; we may serve as a sounding board for management teams, a referral source for commercial relationships and human talent, or share best practices and insights developed over 25+ years of investing in private companies.

We strive to engage at the right time and the right level, which builds trust and credibility with our portfolio companies. This approach has worked since our founding as evidenced by the success of our portfolio companies, our relationship with entrepreneurs and the compelling returns delivered to our investors.

Our History

Founded in 1999, Genesis Park uses operational expertise, discipline and patience to build value for portfolio companies and investors, regardless of prevailing market conditions. While we invest across diverse industries, our team is opportunistic within market sectors where we have depth and exposure including business services, industrial services, information technology, advanced manufacturing, value-added distribution and sustainable energy.

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Our Team

A highly experienced team with a deep network of relationships across Texas and the Southern U.S.

ESG Policy

At Genesis Park, we had an informal ESG policy before we ever heard that acronym. That policy came from personal value systems. We didn’t preach – and still don’t – because most people have their own way of expressing their good intentions. We simply don’t invest in businesses that exploit people or take the planet further from a shared goal of sustainability.

Our way is to leave things better than we found them. Better cultures that respect and reward human capital and peak performance. Better efficiency to make more revenue dollars available for purposeful allocation: to internal growth opportunities, to people or to shareholders. Better environments for safety, productivity and emission profiles. Better communication with all stakeholders with as much candor and transparency as possible, because honesty is the most basic form of respect.

Better doesn’t mean we draw circles around politically unpopular industries, it means we find the pain points and then apply creative technologies or business models to improve that difficulty. So we are “hands dirty” people who climb into problems rather than avoid them. For example, we have been involved in renewable energy over the last decade in various forms, operating from deep in the heart of hydrocarbon country, not as righteous firebrands, but as trusted solution finders.

Because change from the inside is generally better. Technical innovation, distributed intelligence, and data sciences are improving both the supply and the demand side of the energy equation – as well as the communications, fintech and many other things we do. That is how we activate ESG at Genesis Park.