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It can be tough sometimes for lower-middle market companies to access Houston small business lenders that can meet their capital funding needs. Larger companies needing funds to expand operations or for cash bailouts in economic downturns always seem to get their needs met.

Even startups get lots of positive financial boosts from angel investors seeking tax write-offs or karmic boosts. But the mid-level companies are the ones that most frequently struggle to secure vital business loans in Houston, TX.

Choose a Houston SMB Investment Firm to Assist with Capital Needs
Lower-middle market companies seeking an influx of capital can turn to Houston’s Genesis Park. We can assess your company’s needs and goals and determine which sort of aid will bring you the results you seek. Below are some of the ways Gulf South companies and small businesses can use an influx of capital from our vast network of investment partners:

  • Growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Debt refinancing
  • Recapitalization
  • Ownership transition
  • Management buyouts
  • Family generational transfers

For 23 years, Genesis Park has been partnering with companies all over the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida to provide investment strategies that are scalable and designed for their unique circumstances. We have found our niche bringing capital financing and debt solutions to underserved markets that might otherwise not have their needs fulfilled.

Information Technology

Working With Genesis Park

If you are an entrepreneur in search of funding for a business with a minimum of $2 million in EBITDA or revenue of $10 million (or more), we may have the solutions you seek. Other criteria might include the following:

  • Competitive advantages
  • Sustainable margin structure
  • Management teams with commitment, experience, and dedication
  • Multi-cycle positive cash flows
  • Customer concentration in limited markets
  • Providing unique services and products
  • Proven business models

Genesis Park assists companies in a wide spectrum of industries that include:

  • Information technology
  • Business services
  • Sustainable energy
  • Value-added distribution
  • Advanced manufacturing

Dependent upon a company’s status, its goals and needs may be in flux. Whether it needs business loans in Houston, TX, to pay down an accumulated debt load or capital investment to aid in its expansion into a different geographical market, Genesis Park can provide it with expediency. Our capital solutions include both common and preferred equity investments, subordinated or second-lien debt, and senior secured debt.

We are a boutique firm that establishes and maintains strong relationships with the companies with which we partner. That allows us to give each business our full attention when assessing its needs for capital growth and debt reduction. Our partnership brings options to the table that would not be possible without our attention and intervention.

Our Houston small business lenders can help companies weather the storms of economic boom-and-bust cycles by providing capital for a changing business landscape. In today’s challenging times, your company might need capital to adjust its business model to continue to meet both regulation changes and customer needs.

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