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At Genesis Park, we’ve helped many businesses scale in a wide variety of market conditions. We have a sterling track record as an effective Lake Charles private equity firm providing debt and equity capital solutions. We’ve been doing that since 1999 and our executive team has held CEO and advisory board positions that inform their management decisions.
We tailor our level of “hands-on” management to your specific needs and goals. We provide help in the following areas to help your business scale:

  • Customized capital solutions
  • Investment structures
  • Operational strategy
  • Talent acquisition
  • Underwriting

Our SBIC company in Lake Charles has a small, cohesive executive team with extensive contacts in the investment structure world. We have helped hundreds of underserved lower-middle-market companies succeed. Some of these companies were in the midst of family generational transfer. Others were involved in a management buyout. Genesis Park has the relevant experience to help you navigate an increasingly complex macro environment.

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Private Debt Firm in Lake Charles: Investment Criteria

At Genesis Park we enjoy seeing our clients thrive. One of the reasons our clients succeed is that we have well-defined investment criteria before we get involved. We’ve been honing those criteria for over 20 years. Here is a partial list:

  • Sustainable margin structure
  • Experienced management team
  • Limited customer concentration
  • Well-differentiated product or service
  • Positive cash flow through different business cycles

We examine how our potential clients have handled earnings during times of financial headwinds. Our Lake Charles growth capital company is here to help you achieve your important KPIs, one by one. We have extensive experience in industrial services, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and sustainable energy. We help entrepreneurs and management teams strategize about road maps to scale responsibly and intelligently for long-term growth. We recognize the tremendous potential in Louisiana and that’s why we’re a trusted Lake Charles private equity firm.

Genesis Park is crystal clear about all debt and equity capital solutions for your business. Our goal is to provide options that are sustainable and help you achieve your operational objectives with no surprises down the road. We know that many of our clients do not have the EBITDA to pay exorbitant rates for needed capital. Together, we will find a viable solution that achieves your goals. We tend to look at lower middle market companies with a minimum of $10 million in revenue and/or $2 million of EBITDA.

We’ll help you find an investment structure that is tailored to your situation and parameters. General examples include senior secured debt, second lien and preferred/common equity investments.

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Genesis Park is proud to support the burgeoning growth of industry in Louisiana with our proven debt and equity capital expertise. We welcome the opportunity to talk about your business strategies going forward.



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