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It takes money to help make a business in Florida become successful, and Genesis Park provides Orlando private equity solutions that understand exactly how you can get the financing you need to launch your new enterprise or expand your current company’s reach.

If you’re a lower middle-market operation, a new company that’s trying to launch, a family company and you’re looking for a small business investment company, you won’t go wrong with Genesis Park. Since 1999, we’ve been helping Florida companies in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami survive and thrive – no matter what the ups and downs of the current market.

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We’re an Orlando Private Equity Firm That Understands Your Concerns

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s no denying the markets have been volatile. Changes keep coming, and new challenges keep arising. Our experienced team members have decades of experience at the helm of businesses in various industries, and they understand what it takes to launch, reform, or expand a company’s operations with an eye toward the future.

Part of what has made us so successful in providing Orlando private equity solutions is the fact that we commit to every client as a partnership, and we make ourselves available for as much – or as little – hands-on work as you want.

We believe very strongly in “right time, right level” service. With that in mind, we can take a hands-on approach that’s deeply embedded as your company strategizes changes in processes, develops new products or services, and works through the rigors of geographical expansion. Or, we can step back and serve more as a resource for financing, commercial relationships, human talent, and insights into the investment process and how to succeed as a private company.

We aren’t afraid to tackle any industry, but our team has extensive experience in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Business services
  • Industrial services
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Information technology
  • Sustainable energy
  • Value-added distribution

We specifically look for opportunities in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, and our singular objective revolves around companies with either $2 million in EBITDA or $10 million of revenue. This has been a historically underserved market, so we fully understand the complex issues many lower middle-market companies must face.

Our investment structures include common equity investments, subordinated debt, secured debt, and more. Because we’re a small team, we don’t waste a lot of time. Our focused approach and efficient underwriting process help us react quickly to changing situations and respond in time to meet emerging needs.

In short, whatever your situation, we don’t see problems: We see opportunities. Let us show you how creative thinking and flexible capital solutions can lift your company’s trajectory and change the future for the better.

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