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Genesis Park is a firm with a great track record for helping businesses across the Southern United States. We provide San Antonio private equity capital and debt solutions firm that can put wind in your company’s sails at just the right time. We’ve been helping management teams develop their products and streamline their operations since 1999. However, we don’t always have a completely hands-on approach. We adjust our degree of involvement depending on the company we’re working with.

We work with all the following on a regular basis:

  • Founders
  • Attorneys
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial advisors
  • Institutional investors
  • Family offices and RIAs
  • High net worth individuals

We’re proud to be a recognized private debt firm serving San Antonio making a difference for exciting new companies. We offer flexible capital solutions that push companies forward. These include senior secured debt, subordinated debt, and preferred/common equity investments. Our underwriting process is efficient due to our longstanding experience in this specific area.

Information Technology

Whom Do We Work With?

At Genesis Park, we have a standard set of criteria we use to measure the companies we’re considering. Any partnership should help both parties significantly in the pursuit of their financial and ideological goals. So how does our SBIC company serving San Antonio choose the companies in our portfolio?

Here are some of the criteria we look for in companies:

  • Sustainable margin structure.
  • Limited customer concentration.
  • Profitable and proven unit economics.
  • Solid product differentiation with a competitive advantage.
  • An experienced management team with an excellent track record.
  • Ability to maintain positive cash flow through different business cycles.
  • Lower middle-market companies with at least $10 million in revenue.

We also like to choose companies with a sound ESG policy. Our private debt firm serving San Antonio doesn’t like to preach to others about sustainable practices pertaining to the environment. However, we do strongly consider environmental impact and occasionally we will “get our hands dirty” and solve problems for companies in this area rather than assigning blame.

Our accomplished partners and senior executives have worked successfully with many different management teams in the following sectors:

  • Sustainable energy
  • Industrial services
  • Business services
  • Information technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution

The partners have over 100 years of experience investing in small and medium-size businesses over the last 20 years. They have experience promoting growth in various business cycles and economic climates. This experience is particularly useful when we help companies expand their reach in international markets where product development has vastly differing strategies.

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Genesis Park is looking forward to providing your business with our San Antonio private equity solutions. We listen carefully to your company objectives and how you plan to get there. Our area of expertise is helping you construct a roadmap that gets you there most efficiently.

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