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Genesis Park has been helping lower middle-market companies and small businesses since 1999. Our firm has longstanding experience in providing Austin private equity solutions that work. Your company will benefit from our seasoned executive team. They’ve held many noteworthy CEO positions and learned how to maximize profits and operational capacity. Our clients require varying degrees of managerial involvement and we act accordingly.

Our SBIC company serving Austin has helped companies (just like yours) that are scaling rapidly. We can help your businesses thrive with all of the following forms of assistance:

  • Be a sounding board for your management team.
  • Acquire human talent in tech and management.
  • Share best practices for your sector.
  • Streamline operations.
  • Product development.
  • Assist with strategy.

We look at a variety of factors when choosing partners to work with. The companies in our portfolio have at least $10 million in revenue and/or an EBITDA of $2 million or more. This particular benchmark can be flexible depending on circumstances.

Information Technology

Advantages of Our Austin Growth Capital Services

Genesis Park knows that our clients are just as concerned about their partners as we are. A good fit creates a successful outcome for both parties. Here are some of our competitive advantages in helping your company hit KPIs:

1. Options for Needed Capital
Our partners have succeeded in a number of large business ventures. They bring their experience to bear on solving different types of problems for your company. Each structured capital solution is unique and takes place against a specific macroeconomic backdrop. Our private debt firm serving Austin has navigated these investment waters for over 20 years, seeing all kinds of market conditions.

2. Experience Counts
Collectively, the partners have over 100 years of experience helping small and mid-size businesses thrive. We have deep contacts throughout Texas and the entire United States. We help you attain your goals with the use of our network and access to capital.

3. Operational Advice
Genesis Park is a value-added partner. We offer so many different types of solutions for your management team and we’re happy to get involved well beyond recapitalization and debt refinancing. Our team can offer and help you implement operational and product changes.

4. Efficient Underwriting Process
We’re well versed in the underwriting process. We’ve frequently encountered opportunities where we have to move quickly to take full advantage of market conditions. Genesis Park has honed its ability to move efficiently to close deals that are advantageous to both parties.

We invest in diverse market sectors including information technology, advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy, and business services. We’re a flexible one-stop debt and equity capital solutions firm for your growing business. However, our private debt firm serving Austin can provide help in many other areas.

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Genesis Park looks forward to meeting your management team and discussing how we can help move your company forward. There are many ways to achieve your goals and together with our firm, we’ll find the most productive and efficient Austin private equity solutions for you.

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