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When you reflect on the names of companies, you can learn quite a lot about them. This statement is true of Genesis Park. The word genesis means “origin or mode of formation.” Our exceptional Bellaire private equity solutions have driven and helped to originate the success of countless companies that have been our esteemed clients over the years.

Our Partners, many of whom have served in the highest echelons of top companies, have amassed collective know-how that is invaluable to the burgeoning, lower middle-market companies we serve. If we can be the origin of the capital those companies need in order to prosper, and the debt solutions that allow them to move forward unencumbered, then we have more than fulfilled our mandate to them and stimulated the economy while doing it.

As a growth capital company serving Bellaire with an impeccable reputation, Genesis Park has amassed an impressive list of clients situated throughout Texas and the American Southeast. Our past portfolio includes cutting-edge innovators such as Avalon Advisors, Starr Hill Presents, Alpheus Communications, CapRock Communications, and Vivante. Each of these entities recognized Genesis Park’s value to them as a Bellaire private equity firm capable of generating custom-tailored strategies for equity capital, debt solutions, and growth options.

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Genesis Park Never Stops Creating Bold New Pathways to Assist Its Clients

We are an SBIC company serving Bellaire that is always looking ahead, just like the leaders of the companies we partner with. We aren’t afraid to stretch boundaries and take calculated risks as long as those moves benefit our clients. We don’t hesitate to be daring and intrepid. We see obstacles and roadblocks as potential opportunities to be navigated. Challenges incentivize us. That adventurous spirit has propelled us to the forefront of our industry.

  • It also led to the recent formation of a $275 million fund called GP Capital Partners. Its purpose is to make equity and debt investments in companies that may not have been supported to the fullest extent possible by various financial institutions. Founded by Peter Shaper, Gina Luna, Curtis Hartman, and Paul Hobby, four dynamic Genesis Park leaders with tremendous depth and breadth of experience, GP Capital Partners stands ready to serve middle-market entities and help take them wherever they want to go.
  • This dramatic new venture is proof that Genesis Park is not your average private debt firm serving Bellaire. To us, the status quo is unacceptable. The only trajectory we seek is steadily upward.

Genesis Park’s “partnership approach” is geared to deliver exactly what each company needs at the time from us. With the ability to pivot successfully and quickly from client to client, this mode of doing business guarantees that we are a private debt firm in Bellaire that will be actively sought out by existing and emerging companies for years to come.

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