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Genesis Park is trusted in providing Birmingham private equity solutions since 1999. We understand how Alabama markets can change and fluctuate, we know how unpredictable things can be, and we also understand that business owners need solutions. They need to maintain positive cash flow and manage debt. They need to know that they have the financial backing to reach the level of success that they are working toward. This whole situation can be fluid and there are several variables involved, but we understand how to navigate this system and help your company find the solutions that it needs.

As a private debt firm serving Birmingham, we tend to work with emerging companies and family-owned businesses, but we also work with established enterprises and lower middle-market companies. We have served in many different industries, such as sustainable energy, advanced manufacturing, industrial services, value-added distribution, business services, and more. This type of experience makes it valuable to come to us because we understand the unique challenges your business may face and what has worked in the past. We can use this to apply that lens to your unique situation and find the solutions that are going to work. We’ve been doing this for more than two decades, and we would be happy to help.

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Networking and Experience from an SBIC Company Serving Birmingham

It’s not just experience that makes us so successful, although that is a big part of what we offer. Another area where we thrive is in the incredible network that we’ve built up over the decades. This gives us flexible solutions and the ability to create all sorts of custom options across many industries. Once again, there are a lot of variables, such as the debt your business carries now, your current cash flow needs, your future needs, and the revenue streams that you have on the table. Our network and longevity make it so that we can address all of these properly, and that’s where our private debt firm serving Birmingham really thrives.

What type of solutions have we used in the past? Some examples include:

  • Second lien/subordinated debt
  • Senior secured debt
  • Preferred/common equity investments

Exactly what will work for you may be different than what has worked in the past, and that’s the value of having a company that you can trust with a seasoned team that has been doing this for decades. Genesis Park strives to help you find the success that your business deserves, and it often takes unique solutions to get to that point. You can trust our team and our Birmingham private equity firm to be successful. Above all else, we put you first.

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