Dallas Small Business Lenders

Genesis Park has been the top choice among Dallas small business lenders for nearly two decades. We help start-ups and small businesses with all of the following:

  • Debt refinancing
  • Transition of ownership
  • Operational acquisitions
  • Paths to sustainable growth
  • Family generational transfer

Our partners have deep networks across the United States and have been CEOs of successful companies. They bring their experience leading companies during myriad market conditions to bear for the benefit of your company. We invest in small businesses that need a well-structured infusion of capital. However, we also work with businesses that benefit from our knowledge in streamlining operations, product development, international marketing and talent acquisition.

Together, we can decide upon the ideal level of involvement that will push your company forward and closer to your goals. Genesis Park is proud to be a respected financial institution that offers transparent business loans in Dallas, TX.

Information Technology

We Invest in Many Sectors

Genesis Park has extensive experience in helping small businesses in many different sectors. We have useful and high-level contacts in the technology industry because that affects almost every company coming to market. It’s crucial to have a stellar technology team in today’s climate because it lowers expenses in the long run. Here are some sectors we commonly invest in:

  • Business services
  • ESG improvement
  • Industrial services
  • Information technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution

Companies often need an infusion of capital to acquire licenses, machinery, or human talent at just the right time. This can push a company forward in a competitive market where you want to be as close as possible to having a first-mover advantage. Genesis Capital will help you avoid delays with attractive business loans in Dallas, TX.

We’re happy to present all your debt/equity capital options and choose the best one to fit your specific parameters. We have an efficient underwriting team so deals are often finalized quickly. We enjoy seeing small businesses with great ideas come to market prepared and from a position of strength.

Genesis Park offers many competitive advantages as your Dallas, TX SMB investment firm. Our partners have over 100 years of combined experience investing in small businesses like yours. They have invested during various macroeconomic conditions and learned to structure deals accordingly. There’s simply no substitute for longstanding experience when it comes to marshaling resources for production and shaping product strategy in numerous countries and markets.

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Genesis Park is recognized as a stalwart choice among Dallas small business lenders. Together, we will find capital solutions that work for you. If your small business needs help in other areas of development and production, we are happy to discuss that as well. We look forward to your future success!



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